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In a book " Destiny of Souls " by Dr. Michael Newton, published in the year 2000.

Michael Newton writes:

Our Souls are 100% responsible for Us to attract intrinsically good - " good will " -  good Karma.

...It is an open question whether a Soul should be held entirely at fault for humanity's irrational, unsocialized, and destructive acts. ...

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Well, i always wonder why the evil spirits: Lucifer, Satan, Devil and all unclean spirits, the rulers of the carnal flesh on this planet earth, that impede the development of the incarnated souls and spirits here and now on this planet earth, which i consider an anomaly a mutation ( similar to our DNA mutation ) that occurred in Spirit Realms and where ejected out from the Noetic Absolute (see My Universe); those evil spirits ARE confined to this planet earth, they can only interact with Us up to 33,000 feet, I personally experienced this occasionally; are given so much evil power over our flesh, that is created not by them.

God created Us in his own image. It is not Us that are created in His image, but our Souls that are created in God's image.

And, our Souls incarnate in our flesh in our minds. Our mind is a blend of our Soul thinking threads with our own mind thinking threads as per our DNA disposition.
Incarnation and reincarnation was removed from Christianity dogma in the year 553. The question is WHY?

Here is a link to WHY: Reincarnation and Christianity

In reality i think that evolution of a species has something to do with it, why mutant evil spirits have so much power over our flesh.
Some look upon Us, as a species, with Souls incarnate within the most inteligent ones.
What makes Us, the " Homo Sapiens ", the most inteligent a species on this planet earth; it is the control of fire, religions, arts etc.
Since, primordial times no other specie on this planet earth has a control of fire as we do.

But,  James 1:15 say "  Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death."

I think that a sin, should be associated with evil doings, bad karma: suicides ( in karmic justice a waisted body, an average Soul re-incarnation time, 5 years ), killings, rapes, lust for power, taking advantage. All that is instilled into our minds by mediumship: animal, uncontrolled, negative and automatic, the "Lower Psychism"; and must drawn into the currents of its thoughts, when as it were by proxy the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook" the animal elements or power of desire..., absorbing after death, after the Soul departed, that which it has collected ( through its insatiable desire to live ) during life, i.e. all the astral vitality as well as all the impressions of its material acts and thoughts..., forms the dregs of the animal mind; the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook" or Kama rupa, this has life in it, but in varying degrees hardly any consciousness and is confined to matter; in order to impose on us theirs will.

Souls are fighting hard against evil spirits ( that are confined to this planet earth ). Souls are trying to make Us to attract good karma, which is very difficult to do.

Therefore, it is require for the Souls to incarnate many times to achieve its goals.


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